In the Salads Section, you’ll discover great recipes for delicious salads which are quick and easy to make. Hot or cold, they always steal the show and are a great favorite. Whether you base them on legumes, toss them with meat, or sweeten them with fruit, they are guaranteed to make a difference.

The Bahar Section is a treasure trove of flavorful recipes embracing all food groups. Their common denominator is the presence of bahar (spices) among the ingredients. From a variety of gourmet salts, peppers, and superb Greek cuisine spices of everyday use, to exotic and intriguing ones, you’ll draw inspiration and images to create your own culinary masterpieces. Discover a broad range of aromas and flavors that only spices signed by the Bahar Spice Shop can provide.

In this category you’ll find ways to prepare meat, poultry, fish, salads, and quick snacks showcased by your favorite Kalamata Papadimitriou products: flavorful Mediterranean Mustards, heavenly Balsamic Vinegars, and Balsamic Cream, a product in a class of its own. Recipes in this section feature these products in a variety of flavors that will turn your savory and sweet creations into award winners.

This section is dedicated to sausages, everyone’s favorite cured delight. Throughout the world, sausages are made from a variety of raw materials in a broad range of flavors and in infinite variations. In this section, you’ll find not only gourmet proposals starring sausages but also easy-to-follow sausage recipes.

The Pies & Tarts Section is a great favorite with Alexandros: savory and sweet recipes with such fillings as leafy greens, colorful veggies, cheeses, fruit, and much, much more, where the superstars are puff pastry, traditional phyllo dough, and tart dough.

In the Fish & Seafood Section you’ll find recipes that will help you turn these nutritional and culinary treasures into gourmet creations. Bake them, cook them, or fry them: whatever your choice, fish and seafood will never fall short of your expectations.

The Rice Section will make it easy for you to choose recipes that fit the needs of your dinner table. Here, you’ll find fried rice, steamed rice, and even risotto and fantastic gourmet recipes from cuisines ranging from Greek traditional to Asian and Middle Eastern. Time for fusion!

Chicken and turkey meat can be transformed to superstars when you have the right recipe at hand. Our Poultry Section features gourmet recipes that will find their way into your skillet, oven, or stove top, and eventually into your heart.

In our Desserts Section we’ve included recipes that are to die for: fruit-laden treats, sinful chocolate sweets, creamy concoctions, and all those irresistible favorites you can’t get enough of.

Greeks are very fond of meat and consume it several times during the week. In our Meat Section, you’ll find recipes for beef and pork as well as lamb. Oven-baked, fried, or stove-cooked, the meats in these recipes will draw rave reviews.

There isn’t a soul that can resist the lure of a bowl of pasta with all the trimmings. In the Pasta Section, we’ve made available recipes which, apart from classic and fusion sauces, also feature special ingredients such as rare deli-cuts, artisanal cheeses, dried nuts, and more.

By definition, one-pot recipes cooked on the stovetop represent home-cooked meals. In our Stovetop Recipes Section you’ll find great one-pot Greek traditional recipes with the freshest of ingredients but made and tested with a new twist.

Appetizers are meant to whet your appetite. In that sense, they are designed to be delicious, easy to make, and to take up very little of your time. In our Appetizers Section, you’ll find hors d’oeuvres that will do justice to your everyday or formal meals and go great with wine or beer.

Pulses are a powerhouse of nutritional value. To pay tribute to them, our Pulses Section includes plain and gourmet recipes alike worthy of even the most formal dinner occasion.

In our Soups Section you’ll find recipes for hard-to-resist, nutritious soups. Hot or cold, they’re not only the perfect starters to a meal but also the light, comfort food that’ll soothe you at the end of the day.

Through his travels to Cyprus for the needs of the show “Kokkino Podilato”, Alexandros gathered first-hand experiences, ingredients, and flavors from the traditional cuisine of Cyprus. He is now sharing them with you in this section.

Breadmaking is a tradition intertwined with Greek cuisine. Today’s fast paced life may view bread making as a time-intensive luxury but enjoying your very own homemade bread is an unforgettable culinary experience. In our Bread Section you’ll find bread recipes which are as great as they are easy.

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